Sofpour SPA 1354

Purpose : Ideal for 4-5 Family Members

Ideal for Home and Bathroom, Whole house water softener.

Key Features

Makes vour bathing a luxurious experience.

NO stains on your car.

Reduces hair loss and prevents hair and skin ailments .

Garments retain their natural look and feel .

Reduces consumption Of soap, shampoo and detergent. Soft water produces rich lather .

Eliminates plumbing problems caused due to scale formation.

Zero maintenance as FRP vessels and PVC fittings are resistant to corrosion .

Improves efficiency of water heaters and heating & cooling systems.

Expensive bathroom fittings, kitchen appliances & utensils retain their shine for a longer span of time .

Easy to install and operate. Operates without electricity .


The unit of Sofpour water softener consists of a tank containing resin media. These resin are covered With sodium ions. The exchange Of ions takes place on these resin beads. When hard water passes through these resin beads, exchange of ions takes place. Ions of minerals causing hardness, principally calcium and magnesium gets exchanged for sodium ions. This results in softness of water. After continuous usage, resin beads becomes saturated with ions of calcium and magnesium and has to be regenerated.

The process is called Recharging which can be conducted manually or can be automated. Recharging is done by flushing saturated resin beads With strong brine solution. This solution then replaces the hardness causing mineral ions bv sodium ions.



  • Sofpour offers highest quality products in water heating and purification. Andtheir service is too prompt. I run a chain of hostels and entire water managementof the hostels are handled by Sofpour.I am very much satisfied and glad to be associated with them.

    Pramila Kori Owner - Kanakshree Hostels“
  • Great Service that's on time per agreed upon schedule. The communication staff and the service technicians are always willing to work around customer schedule. Hats off to them.

    Manish Dabkara MD & CEO - EKI Energy Services Ltd
  • Efficient, responsible, knowledgeable, I have only good things to say about for Sofpour. They have a great sense of working in the water management field. recommend Sofpour for every commercial and residential project.

    Arpit Agrawal Rudraksh Club & Resort

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