Sofpour HDGI Pressurized Series

Purpose : Pressurized Solar Water Heaters for Any Water Conditions



Sofpour HDGI Pressurized solar water heater are compatible with Pressure Booster Pumps and can be installed in high rise buildings. These solar water heaters are tested for a pressure of 8 kg/cm2 and comes with a pressure safety valve that does not allow the pressure to go beyond 5 kg/cm2 in the storage tank of solar water heater.


These premium Solar Water Heaters from the house of Sofpour are built to last in hard water regions. We at Sofpour has used the most advances technologies to make a Solar Water Heater that meets your hot water requirements without bothering you of hard water problems. Tank leakages are a very common problem in areas where calcium, magnesium, chlorides and other minerals are present in high concentration.


Sofpour HDGI inner tanks are the best solution for this problem. Our tanks are manufactured by 7 Tank Hot Dip Galvanization process and thus ensures 550 GSM (Approx.) of Zinc coated on the inner tank. After this treatment the inner tank or storage tank becomes highly resistant to hard water conditions.


Moreover Sofpour pressurized solar water heater comes with heat exchanger inner tanks which ensures that hard water and scaling does not bother you and you get continuous flow of hot water every single time.

Key Features

Triple Layered Evacuated Tube Collector.

Weather Resistant Frame.

Powder Coated Frame.

Suitable for Hard Water.

High Energy Absorption.

Superior Heat Retention of Vacuum Tubes.

Efficient, Elegant & Environment Friendly.



The Sofpour Solar Water Heater works on 3 principles of heat transfer :
(1) Radiation (2) Conduction (3) Convection.

When sunrays falls on vacuum tubes they passes through the outer transparent glass tube and hits the inner tube which is coated black with selective coating. The black colored glass tube absorbs heat and transfers it to water inside which is in direct contact with tube. The vacuum between inner and outer tube prevents heat from escaping the system. Hot water in the tube becomes lower in density and moves up towards the tank. Cold water from tank replaces hot water in the tube. This process of water circulation in called thermosyphon. Through this process, entire water of the tank gets heated up and is ready for use. The storage tank is insulated with high pressure and high density PUF insulation which minimizes the heat loss over the night and makes sure that hot water is available in the morning. Proper capacity planning can facilitate hot water consumption during day and night both.


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