Industrial Water Softening

Water is called hard mainly due to the presence of calcium and magnesium ions. In industrial applications hard water imposes serious problems in form of breakdowns in boilers, cooling towers, heat exchangers in machines, pumps, pipelines and other equipment.

Sofpour Industrial water softeners can remove hard water effects by treating it with ion exchange resins and thus producing desired results. During ion exchange process calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for equivalent sodium ions. These sodium ions are easily soluble in water and does not form scales.

Key Features

Easy installation, operation and service

Automatic softeners are available for auto recharging and rinsing.

Softeners are available that can handle high flow rates and high pressure for variety of applications.

High grade resins are used for ensuring best results and durability of the system

Vessel MOC options as FRP and MS Rubber Lining are available

Industries we serve

A wide variety of industries require additional treatment of municipal water for their particular processes. Whether the treated water is used as an ingredient, thermal transfer, or rinse, Sofpour can provide the appropriate system to ensure the purity necessary for your applications


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    Pramila Kori Owner - Kanakshree Hostels“
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    Manish Dabkara MD & CEO - EKI Energy Services Ltd
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    Arpit Agrawal Rudraksh Club & Resort

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